How A Web Developer Can Help You With Your Business


We use the internet for a lot of things these days, and the fact of the matter is that as time goes on, we’re going to be relying more and more upon it.  I mean, just look at how much a part of our lives it is today.  Think about the fact that, today, I have, in my back pocket, a small, plastic and carbon and metal device that allows me to access the internet for whatever I want to use it for.  If I’m sitting at the pub and having an argument with a friend where we are betting beers, and we don’t want to spend the time waiting to find out until we get back to our respective homes, I can just whip out this device, google the data in question, and we’re done with the debate, and I’m a beer or two richer (I’m never wrong when it comes to facts, folks.  This is why I don’t ever lose out on free beer). If I am in the middle of dinner out at my favorite Irish pub and think to myself, ‘man, I could really use a copy of some book that I haven’t read in a long time or some book that I’ve wanted to read for a long time’, I can whip out my cell phone, navigate over to Barnes and Nobles or to Amazon or something similar, and I can order the book and get it delivered within four days. If I want to order pretty much anything, in fact, I can do it with my cell phone without having to get up or go anywhere special.  What a world!

reliable responsive website designersThis being the case, if you’re having problems with your business and with competing in said industry, you’re going to want to invest in a web developer to help you get online, and this will help you to make sure that you can compete online with the other people selling the same thing that you have to offer.

There’s a lot of reasons that you need to do the work of setting up your own website so that you can compete on that newest frontier of marketing and sales.  To begin with, if you don’t have a lot of customers nearby, getting on the internet can help you to make sure that there are more people who you actually can sell to.  You see, if you’re in the middle of nowhere, your customer base is going to be, basically, no one.  You’re not going to have people stopping in at the shop every day, or people who are going to drive hours on end to see you in the middle of east Nowhere.  But, if you invest in the magic of the internet, and a talented responsive web designer, you’ll find that you can reach pretty much anyone in the world.  In fact, with a website and a decent system for selling things over said website, and with the help of a company that will allow you to process credit card payments, you’re going to be limited only by your unwillingness to send things to countries with terrible protections for your product and money, and, of course, the whole ‘censored internet’ thing that some places have going on these days (North Korea and China being two that come to mind quickly, although at last check, Cuba only had less than 1200 available internet connections for the public of the country, and you basically can’t order anything because the national government won’t let you.  Viva la revolution, eh?).

Another great advantage to having a website is the fact that you’re able to communicate much more readily with the consumer.  You see, you can tell them pretty much anything that you need to.  Do you have a lot of things that you would like to get out of your storage for your business, but you’re having trouble moving the product?  Put it on sale, and maybe even offer a reward of some sort to the people who purchase it.  An expert digital marketing firm will allow you to inform your customers at a moment’s notice of changes in your inventory, and to allow you to hear what they have to say as well, which can be a big help in running your business.

So, if you don’t have a website yet, you really need to get that under control.  If you don’t, you’re just going to be handicapping yourself and costing yourself money and sales.  And at the end of the day, if you’re doing that, as a business owner, than you might as well sell the business before you end up losing a ton of money in the process.

Three Ways Hiring A Web Designer Is Good For Your Business


The better internet becomes, the better our speeds get, the more and more widespread internet access becomes, the more we do with the internet.  Let’s face it, when I was a younger person, we used the internet for pretty much nothing.  I didn’t even realize it as a kid, because I grew up in a fairly wealthy family in a good neighborhood, but the fact of the matter is that when I was younger, pretty much no one outside of the higher tax brackets had access to the internet.  I also didn’t realize how expensive a home personal computer was until I grew up.  Or a cell phone (my mother was a business exec, she STILL has one of those old brick phones sitting around.  I keep trying to sell it to a museum of electronics, but that just isn’t happening, it seems, so whatever).

Today, on the other hand, pretty much everyone has internet access.  Even the people who are in the impoverished areas have internet access.  Some states and cities even subsidize it for the impoverished, and every public school and library will provide free access to those who are interested in accessing it.

We use the internet today for everything, but especially for shopping.  If you don’t believe me, look at the volume of business that Amazon does (although, amazingly, Amazon has never once made an actual profit, believe it or not).  Buying things online is becoming popular, and even if people don’t buy, shopping online for what you’re looking for is also becoming more and more common.  This being the case, it seems to be important that you spend money on a web designer to help you make sure that you have a website that can compete. Here are just three ways that it’s a good investment to make, a good way to spend your money.

1.  It expands the reach of your shop

professional website development agencyThe fact of the matter is, your shop isn’t going to be competing very far if you don’t have a website.  Sure, people nearby may be aware of what it is that you have to do, but people further than a few miles away, a few hours’ worth of driving distance, they’re not likely to have any idea what it is that you’re doing in your shop.

Of course, if you spend money in hiring a design agency, you’re going to fix that problem.  You see, a website is going to allow you to reach anyone in the world.  Honestly, at that point, the only thing that you’re going to be limited by is your lack of desire to jump through the hoops that you may have to jump through in order to ship things internationally. Now, shipping things to certain countries can be a real hassle, and if you’re going to ship internationally, you need to be sure that you understand the laws involved.

2.  It allows you to inform the customers

The best thing that you can do to keep people coming in is to inform them about what you have to offer.  Sure, not everyone is going to bite on that bait, but the reality is that if they don’t want what you have to offer, you’re not wasting any money on a website that everyone else can view as well.  They’re just wasting a few seconds of their time.

A great advantage is that you can also show off to return customers the things that you’ve got on sale, or the things that you’re doing in order to show them that you value the fact that they’re coming back again and again to spend their money with you.

3.  Everyone else has one

Yeah, I know, a lot of parents spend a lot of time telling their kids that you shouldn’t want to do things because other people are doing them, but in reality, when you’re running a business, you probably want to emulate the businesses around you that are succeeding, until such point as you can become the one that is being emulated.  Creative responsive web designs are something that almost every company has sunk some money into, and when they see a good return, and so can you.  The important thing is that you have a place that you can put out the information you have about what you’re doing and offering to the consumers.

Now, obviously, the most important thing of all is that you get a website, but you need to make sure that you maximize the information you present and make sure that you’re going to be able to inform the customers as best as possible.  Good luck!

Website Design In Order To Bring In More Business And More Customers


In the United States, the way that we do a lot of our business today is with the use of the internet.  It seems like pretty much everyone has a website, to the point where, this upcoming summer, it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if the local lemonade stand being run by the children of the neighborhood will have its own web page, albeit one that isn’t well put together or anything.  Actually, the more I think about this, that’s brilliant; a bit of web design in order to set up a site that’ll advertise what neighborhood or city corner you’ll be at each day of the summer, and telling you what events they’ll be near.  This could actually be a great way to spend a summer and make a couple of bucks while you’re at it, plus teach kids the value of capitalism and whatnot (so long as you don’t have a city government that arrests people for selling lemonade without a permit or anything like that).

creative responsive web sitesHow commonplace are websites for businesses?  Ridiculously so.  There are businesses that haven’t existed in a handful of years that have websites that you can still find, websites that are still up and running, just with a lot of broken links and, you know, you can’t actually order anything from them because they haven’t paid the company that runs their credit cards and ordering info to actually complete a transaction and they won’t do it for free or anything.  There are websites on the internet where you can buy cigars from around the world and get them sent to your home in a matter of days.  There are websites for pretty much every restaurant, and I don’t just mean the large chain restaurants that everyone frequents all the time; I’m talking about the kind of restaurant that is just down the street.  Within about a block of my home are two small greasy spoon style restaurants, and both of them have not only a website, but also have at least two or three social media accounts, believe it or not, and neither of them make all that much money, and neither charge more than twenty dollars or so for two people to eat a meal.  They just realized that, without hiring a talented website developer, they were going to be missing out on accessing a large portion of the demographic that they were aiming for, and that missing out on that large portion wasn’t something that they could afford to do.

Now, how can a website help you?  To begin with, it lets people know that you exist.  I cannot tell you how many bars, restaurants, places like that, places that I have been unsure about whether they were still open or not I didn’t visit because when I googled their name, I didn’t find anything, or what I found was a handful of old reviews on Yelp or something similar and I didn’t really trust that this meant that they were still open (it also doesn’t help, folks, when you list a business phone number, and when people call it, you don’t answer.  Seriously, that’s a pretty basic thing you should be doing when you run a business, answering the phone and letting people talk to you and ask whatever they want to know and whatnot, it isn’t rocket surgery).

However, there’s more to it than that.  Now, if you’re in a business that spends all their time with the same offerings to the people, then yeah, you may not get as much benefit.  But the reality is that, for most business, you’re going to be changing what you have on hand from day-to-day, and this means that you will need an avenue through which you can provide the customers you’ve had with the information about the things that you will be offering in the near future.  You can also use sales and various other deals in order to bring in more people or to make sure that the customers you’ve already got continue to return, but you will need to have a skilled website design agency to help you out with not only the program, but the timing, and perhaps even the running, of your various marketing schemes to bring in more people and to make sure that your business continues to grow.

So, if you’re looking to grow your business and don’t have a website already, it’s a no brainer.  Get a website, and grow your business.

Website Design Tips for a Creative Responsive Website


website designIn order to compete in the marketplace today, a business must have a viable website and strong online presence. The consumer has a distinct advantage that they didn’t have just a few decades ago. There are more options when it comes to shopping than ever before. The development of e-commerce has the shopper in control. A business will struggle to find success if it is not online and engaging customers in the digital marketplace. Quality website development is crucial to creating that presence. Of course competition is stiff and designing a quality website isn’t that simple. Using a template online usually isn’t the best idea. First of all, how many other people will be using the same template? Do you really want a website that looks just like a competitors? You need your website to stand out and give a people reason to keep coming back. It’s much easier to get a conversion from a return visitor than it is from a new one. Give you business the best possible chance for success, work on creating a fantastic website and developing a strong approach to digital marketing. Start by reviewing these tips if you need some help:

  1. Ensure that you company is available – If people have trouble getting ahold of your company they’ll get frustrated quickly. It may lead to negative reviews and hurt you company image. Present your contact information clearly on the top half of your website, let people see it as soon as they arrive. Make things convenient for users, features like click-to-call phone numbers are the standard and should always be used. Contact forms should be simple and direct, and someone should always respond quickly. Be accessible helps build a strong relationship with customers.
  2. Use professional photography – The goal of your website is set your company apart from the competition. You want your website to be unique and memorable. Stock images will do just the opposite. They are generic and forgettable. Still, a lot of companies will use them on their websites. By hiring a professional and adding high-quality, original images to your website you’ll be setting your site up for success. The cost difference is going to be easily offset by the increase in traffic and conversions you see.
  3. Create brand identity – A full-service web development agency should have the tools to help your company in this regard. One of best things about a website is that it allows your company to present its message clearly and develop its brand in front of a wide audience. Brand identity is particularly important today, since you may be competing with a wide variety of firms from all around the world. The connectivity of the marketplace today requires a strong brand identity for success. Excellent branding is the reason we often refer to every MP3 player as an iPod. When branding is done correctly your brand can bring in new customers all by itself.
  4. Content, content, content – The only way to provide your website with longevity and staying power is to have constantly updated, interesting, and relevant content. Keeping up with it can be a full-time job, so you may want to ensure that your web designer offers content creation and management services. Digital media is particularly important today, users are much more likely to consume visual content than text. Fantastic content also encourages a high search ranking, web crawlers are extremely sophisticated and have ways of deciphering content’s quality. The best websites always feature fantastic content.
  5. Intuitive navigation is essential – Nearly 90% of American adults are using the internet today. Whether they’re on their smartphone, notebooks, tablets, or desktops, they are surfing the web and reading about companies they may do business with. For this reason you’ve got to consider a wide audience when developing navigation. Every user should be able to easily reach the deepest pages of your website. The more streamlined and simple navigation is the higher your conversion rate will be. Make it easy for people to get where they’re trying to go and you’ll be rewarded for it.
  6. Never forget about SEO – People have got to be able to find your business online in other ways than typing your website address in their browser. Search engine rankings are critical to your website’s success. Great design only goes so far, if you can’t bring in new traffic consistently you won’t see the conversion rate you desire. SEO campaigns can be tricky, so it’s generally wise to consult with a professional. Stay away from buying links, it’s considered a shady practice and doesn’t usually work. Focus on great, relevant content and other methods to increase visibility.

Traditional forms of advertisement are still in use but their effectiveness is fading fast. Don’t spend too much of your marketing and advertising budgets on dying methods. Newspapers and magazines, billboards, and even radio and television simply aren’t as solid of options as they used to be. A well-designed website can easily be your company’s ticket to long-term success.

Learn the Secrets of Expert Website Developers


When it comes to getting your business online and developing a strong presence on the internet there is no time to delay. The future is here now, and it’s highly likely that every single one of your customers will be on the web in some fashion. In the United States, you’d be hard to find somebody who doesn’t have access to at least one device that enables them to get on the internet. But it’s no longer good enough to just get online. Experienced responsive web designers know that in order to be competitive your website has to excellent. Of course you’ve spent years developing expertise in your business, you’re not a web designer, so where can you start? experienced website design companies

Well today you are in luck. This below contains some of the best tip, tricks, and secrets of expert designers and developers:

  • A responsive website is a must – If you aren’t sure what defines a website, don’t fret, the concept is rather simple. A responsive website is simply one that is optimized for viewing on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes. Remember during your website’s build you should be considering all possible users. You want each and every visitor to have a fantastic and memorable experience. Don’t let potential customers get frustrated because they can’t reach your website easily. Focus on developing a truly responsive website that focuses on creativity and functionality.
  • Keep design clean and simple – Avoid confusing users at all costs. A messy website cluttered with unnecessary features, obnoxious images, and other annoying content isn’t going to see a lot of traffic. Employ simple, minimalistic design features every step of the way. Navigation is especially important. It should be intuitive and encourage deep exploration of your website. The longer people are on your site the better your chance of conversion is. Incorporate design that easy on the eye and invites users to stick around.
  • Keep the site secure – Cyber crime is a real threat to the public and businesses alike. There are many people out there seeking to steal private and valuable information, so you’ve got to take appropriate security measures. Ensure that your website has updated security certificates and strong data encryption. Password protection for sensitive areas of the site is essential as well. In addition, it’s important to back up all of your website files. You may find yourself in big trouble in the event of a total loss when you don’t have any backups. Having a secure website will help foster a trusting relationship between your business and its clients and customers.
  • Don’t forget about speed – Sometimes businesses can get carried away with design and forget to focus on developing a fast website. The fact is, people expect quick load times, and will abandon your website if it’s taking too long. 3 seconds tends to be the threshold, but your goal should be to have the site load much faster than that. Avoid using things like Flash animation, which are outdated and slow to load. A fast website won’t get much attention, speed is expected, but a slow website will draw plenty of negative reviews.
  • Test along the way – I’m always surprised by the amount of unfinished and seemingly broken websites on the web. You should be testing your website throughout the entire development process. A competent web developer would never publish an unfinished product, and neither should you. Broken links and features and poorly or incorrectly indexed web pages will hurt your search engine ranking, as web crawler cannot access them. Rigorous testing is key in any website’s development.
  • Develop fantastic content – Content is the heartbeat of your website. You want to focus on delivering interesting, relevant, and engaging content in a variety of ways. Maintaining a blog is important not only for search engine optimization, but to establish your company as an authority in its industry. At the same time, you must focus on visual content, as people are much more likely to watch something than to read an entire article. Great content is the difference between an average and a fantastic website.
  • Clearly present contact information – It can be very frustrating when a customer cannot figure out how to get ahold of your business. Make it easy on them, display your contact information clearly on the top half of your main page. Include any and all relevant information, including your physical and email addresses and your phone number.
  • Never neglect grammar – Spelling, punctuation, and other grammar issues are simply unacceptable anywhere on your website. It looks sloppy and unprofessional, and hampers your search engine ranking. Attention to detail is key during the design and development of your website. Don’t lose focus and forget a simple step like editing written content.

You want your company to have the best website possible. If you want to make a name for yourself and rise to the top of your industry, it is essential. Therefore, it may be wise to outsource your website and digital marketing to a professional digital marketing firm. Design and developing a website, and then following through with upkeep and digital marketing take a concerted and dedicated effort. You’re busy running your company, so why not put in the hands of a pro?

4 Ways An Ad Agency Can Help Your Business And Website


Any organism needs to be able to adjust with the ever-changing world that it lives in, or it will surely perish and cease to be.  This has been seen throughout history.  For example, the reason that we no longer have the immensely large insects that we have found evidence of existing in times long past is because those insects and their immense size was only something that was supported in the atmospheric conditions that existed back then.  Atmospheric conditions have changed, and so we now have smaller versions of the creatures that once existed.

Likewise, the way that we do business has changed, and if you want to remain competitive, you have to change along with it.  In the 1920s, it was common to use door to door salesmen in order to reach the masses, especially those in remote areas.  In the 50s, the catalog was all the rage, allowing people to order from the comfort of their homes without having to pay a lot of people to carry around what was essentially a catalog.  Of course, that was eventually phased out, as the internet gain currency and it became more and more simple to just allow someone to visit the website and order off of there, and now that’s the way a lot of people order anything nonessential and anything that they don’t need right this very minute.

So, what can you do to compete?  Get on the internet.  Change with the times, and begin offering your products over the internet to people in a diverse area so that you can make the money you desire.  An ad agency should be able to help you do that quite easily.  Here’s just four ways that they can help you out.

1.  Grab the attention of the user

The first thing your website needs to do, and that your ad agency will hopefully help you do, is to grab the attention of the consumer.  You have about five seconds to do this in, or you’re going to lose them.  That’s right, people spend about five seconds on choosing whether or not to use your site, and if they don’t like what they see or see no reason to stay, they’re out.  Your digital agency will be able to help you figure out a way to reel them in without being obnoxious or just plain silly.

2.  Build the relationship with your customer

Your customer needs to feel valued, and if they don’t, if they don’t see any sort of reward for their continued loyalty, then you’re eventually going to lose them to another business.  It may be a business that is able to offer the same things at lower prices, maybe a business that can get it to them quicker, something.

You need to work with your expert responsive website developer in order to make sure that you don’t lose your customers, and that your website offers them a reason to return to your site again and again.

3.  Craft content to bring people in and make sales

reliable responsive website designersI mean, the obvious reason for your website to exist in the first place is that you need to increase your sales and reach your market better.  Content can be different and can mean different things depending on whatever it is you’re selling, but you need something.  I would recommend something like hosting videos of you using whatever product it is that you’re providing to the general public.  Are you making an awesome rucksack for long distance hiking?  Show how much it can carry, and show a guy carrying a fully loaded pack and being comfortable while doing so.

4.  Maintain your site

Now, you can do all these amazing things with your website, and it’ll do well.  So long as it works.  Eventually, things will break.  Maybe the service that you use to host your photographs for the site will go under, maybe your video URL’s will have to change for whatever reason, the point is that things happen, and a site that doesn’t work is of no value to anyone.  Any good ad agency that will help you design a website will also be able to help you make sure that it keeps running so that you don’t end up going through all that work for nothing.

So, if you don’t have a website, be sure to go and get one, and begin to access the new crowd.  The people on the internet are awaiting your products; don’t keep them waiting, it’s not polite!

Getting the Most Out of Talented Web Designers


web designerFunctional responsive websites are not easy to create. It takes a great deal of time, effort, and money to complete the task. However, if you’re a business owner in search of marketing solutions, your website is a fantastic place to start. The return on investment from websites and digital marketing is usually quite a bit higher than traditional marketing and advertising.

Businesses all across the country are shifting their marketing budgets to address the fact that so many people are online today. Many firms are finding it wise to cut traditional budgets in favor of digital marketing. The way things are headed, it’s probably a wise idea. Digital marketing spend is increasing all across the board, from websites to social media to SEO.

If you want your website and digital marketing strategies to be the best possible, then you’ve got to find an experienced digital marketing agency who is ready to handle your needs. There are many things to look for when considering different firms, and I’ve listed some of the more important items here. Feel free to jot these things down and keep them handy when meeting with agencies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either, never assume anything is included when it has been clearly stated. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the list.


  1. A well-defined work process – A firm that can clearly illustrate their work design and development work process has their stuff together. They’re organized and take multiple steps to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget, and up to standards. An established work process is a sign that a firm means business and that they have experience creating successful projects.
  2. Responsive Design – Sometimes I feel like a broken record, because I’m always stressing it’s importance, but responsive design really is that big of a deal. TONS of people are surfing the web on mobile devices exclusively, and you’ve got to be able to reach them. If people can’t get to your site on a smartphone they’ll often abandon your company all together. Responsive design takes care of this by ensuring your website displays properly on any device and any screen.
  3. Experts in content  – A website needs to be much more than just something pretty to look at. A web designer knows that the look of the site draws people in, but content keeps them there. You should spare no expense when it comes to content, make sure the company you’re hiring to handle your website are also experts in content creation and delivery. You need someone willing to produce multimedia and handle your blog entries, among other things.
  4. Focus on SEO - Your website isn’t going anywhere without a solid plan for search engine optimization. SEO can greatly increase your traffic and therefore conversions. Your website should be designed from the ground up with search engine optimization in mind. Great design and fantastic content doesn’t do much if nobody is there to see. Many users start their online experience at a search engine, make sure they can find you.
  5. Keep it secure – Your customers deserve to know that they’re browsing in safety. They don’t want to risk having sensitive information stolen. It’s sad that we have to worry about it so much, but there are plenty of cyber threats out there. If you don’t ensure that your site is secure they’ll certainly take advantage of it. Look for a team of expert web developers that is up the task of keeping your visitors safe.
  6. Company values – It’s important that your values line up with the firm that you are working with. You don’t want to get several months into a project only to find that you butt heads on ideological issues. Be clear about your company values and what you expect from working partners. This will avoid confusion and problems later down the road.
  7. They use professional photography- Stock images just won’t cut it in 2015. Everybody has been online for a while now, and we’ve seen all of the images used countless times. You want an agency that is going to spend the time and money to get high-quality images to add to your site. Not only will it give it a finished, polished look, but the photos will give you a memorable site rather than just another page. Your company deserves the best, not crappy stock photos.

Creating a creative responsive website isn’t always easy, but it can be done with the right amount of dedication and effort. Focus on finding an agency that can meet all of your needs with ease.


3 Important Facets of Product Development


If you run a business, you understand how important it is that your business moves on, changing with the world around it, and staying current in order to provide the people with what they want these days.  Having a business, especially a small business, is a lot like being a shark; you need to keep moving forward or else you’re going to die, except where the shark has to fear a literal death, your death will be more of a gut-wrenching bankruptcy that leaves you broke and with the worst credit you can have for the next decade or more.

However, just researching and developing a new product isn’t enough.  You need to market that product to your desired audience and customer base, and for that, you may need some outside help (a lot of small businesses don’t tend to have a marketing guru on staff, as shocking as that may be).  If this is the case, you may want to hire a product development company to help you with the marketing aspects.  Here’s just a few things they’ll assist you with.

1.  Marketing Strategy

the process of product developmentAs I said earlier, just building a new product isn’t enough.  You can’t just drop it off in the middle of a market and expect someone to buy it, especially when they know nothing about it except that it exists.  Nobody is going to take a risk on a product they know nothing about.

Because of this, it’s important that you have a strategy for how you’re going to bring it to market.  It’s a very important step in product development.  This includes things like how you’re going to present the product to the people whose money you’re looking to take.  Even more importantly, though, is identifying the people that you’re going to market the product to.

Tapping into the right market is essential when it comes to your new product.  Consider this; you’ve created a new frozen steak meal.  It’s delicious, it’s meaty, and the steak is of superior quality to that found in other frozen meals.  What you need to do now is get it in the hands of the man (and woman) who enjoy their steak, but where is it best to market it, then?  Do you want to put it in the store that sells a lot of vegan options and seems to cater to the more ‘animal rights’ crowd?  Or do you market it to butcher shops around the country as an option for the man who doesn’t have time to cook a steak on a stove (shame on you, they deserve a stove top).

The choice should be obvious, and picking the right one makes sure you’re not wasting your advertising money.

2.  Advertising campaign

The advertising campaign, then, should be targeted at the people we were just talking about.  Put ads in places where they’ll be seen by that hard-working, red-blooded American that enjoys his steak, places like periodicals concerning sports and athletics.  Maybe put some ads in hunting magazines or gun magazines, even.  If you’ve done the work of selecting the right product development agency, they’ll be able to help you pick the right place to put your ads so you get the most bang for your advertising buck, making you the most money per dollar spent.

3.  Website design

So, now that people are aware of your product, where do they go if they want more information?  They’ve seen the commercial, and it’s whetted their appetite for steak (and knowledge about your steaks in particular, if you’ve done this whole thing right).

If you’ve been working with a skilled product development firm, they’ll have designed a website that gives out all the information the consumer needs.  Maybe you have multiple meal sets, some with mac n cheese, some with potatoes, some with a healthy option (okay, kind of healthy option).  Maybe you’d like to put up a selected beer pairing with each particular meal set you offer?  Your website is the place to do it, as well as the place to tell your customer where, near them, they can find the product that you’ve worked so hard to bring to them.  Your website and other web presences also are the place that they can go to learn about new products that you’ll be coming out with (stay tuned for our veal meal, launching in 2017!), and to stay up to date with your company and the goings on therein.

So, the point is, you can see great return on your research and development budget, but to do so, you need to hire some help so you have the marketing expertise to capitalize on your work.  You’ll be glad you did when the money and orders come rolling in.


Hiring A Website Developer


As a business, it is important that you have a website for your business.  This isn’t something that I should have to tell people, but apparently I do, because there are still small businesses who say to themselves ‘nah, we don’t need one.  We’ll have  a Facebook page or a MySpace page (all kidding aside, who in the world is still using MySpace?  How does it still exist?  I mean, it can’t possibly be bringing money in, I nearly guarantee that there are millions of pages that haven’t been logged into in almost a decade, and yet somehow it still appears to exist?  Good job to Tom, who had the decency and intelligence and decided that he was going to sell at just the right time to walk away with millions and never have to work again), and that is all we’re going to need, that’ll do the job of making sure we have an internet presence’.  Well, no, it won’t.  That’s not enough, that’s not nearly enough, and you need to have more.  If you don’t know how to design a website, not only are you going to need to pay for the website, but you’re probably going to want to hire a website developer.

award-winning responsive websiteNow, I hear you saying ‘well, why do I need a website?  Why can’t I just spread the word about my business via other methods’.  Well, the reality is that you can attempt to do that.  You can use whatever medium you like to spread the word about your business, really, but as the growth in web designers and web designer work   plainly show, there’s a lot of growth in the internet market, and if people are using the internet to make purchasing decisions and to look at the things that they want, to shop, or even just to get a feel for the business that they’re going to before actually walking in the door, you would think that it’s probably the best idea for you to do.  It’s never a bad idea to emulate things that are bringing other people in your industry success; in fact, it’s generally a good idea.

So, how do you pick the right website developer for you?  Well, you may want to begin by finding someone who has done work for businesses like yours before, someone who understands not only your business’ needs, but what your website needs to look like, and what it needs to be able to do and how it can best meet the needs of not only you, the web developer’s customer, but the customer base that you hope to be tapping into and serving and selling to and making your fortune off of.

You also need to find a developer who is going to be able to do the required upkeep.  A website doesn’t exist for an eternity in an unchanged form; eventually, you are going to have to do something to update it, whether that means that you’re going to be updating the list of things you’re offering to the world, updating pricing information, or adding a new product line.  Maybe you’re even going to be lucky enough to open new locations, and thus you’ll need to add those locations to your ‘contact us’ or ‘locations’ information, making sure that your customers know that they now have another place they can go to get your products that may be closer to home for them.

Of course, upkeep involves making sure that the website continues to function as well.  Things can and will, over time, stop working.  Coding can be lost if a server is rebooted or for any one of a million reasons.  If you take billing information from your clients and run credit cards, you may need to do something to update your security as the abilities of hackers continue to change and evolve, making sure that you’re not leaving the information of your customers open to hacking and leaving yourself open to a lawsuit when you lost control of their info.  Expert web developers will be able to help you to find the best way to secure that information as well as the best way to cheaply allow you to run credit card information over the internet, and will make you a website that actually looks professional and is functional.

So, if you’re a business looking to get a website, you know what you need to do.  Spend a little money, hire a developer, and be on your way to being connected the world-wide web.


Why To Hire A Product Development Company


When it comes to developing a new product or service, you’ll find, especially if you’re a small business owner, it’s a long, hard, and expensive process to go through.  However, it’s also a necessary thing to do in order to make sure that your company continues to grow, rather than becoming a caricature of itself that is still selling last generation’s products in last generation’s ways to people stuck in said last generation.  Expanding is important, and the best way to expand is to offer new products and/or services to the people who are likely to buy them, and especially to those who have already bought your previous offerings to the market.

However, developing products is, as I have mentioned before, a long and arduous process, and one that can burn up money at an astonishing rate. And that’s just looking at the process of actual research and development, not mentioning the expense that goes hand in hand with having to advertise and market your new product to the world, or the extra people you’re likely to need to hire in order to have the man-power and experience you’ll need to effectively get the word out there about the new product that you have to offer.  A better, more affordable route, however, is to hire a product development company.  A product development company will be able to help you at every step of the product development process, matching your progress with progress of their own.

The first step of developing a new product is known as inception.  This isn’t a reference to that terrible movie (if you disagree, you’re wrong), but rather a reference to the process of coming up with something new (and hopefully improved) that you can provide to the world in exchange for their cash.  While you’re busy focusing on this, however, your product development company is going to be busy working on getting to know your company and what they can do, and how you operate. They’ll also be setting up deadlines for when things are to be delivered, in conjunction with your own deadlines for the project.

The second step is creation.  This is when you begin building models of your product or testing out whatever service you’re hoping to offer to the world.  However, for your product development company, this will be when they begin creating the marketing plans that you’ll need to reach the masses, as well as advertising campaigns, and they’ll also be making the imagery, the brand, that your product or service will be presenting to the world.

Next up is ‘Construction’, the heavy lifting part of the whole thing, in which you’re going to be spending a lot of time and money actually building the product you’re going to be providing, or building the infrastructure you’ll need in order to provide the service that you’re hoping to provide.  Meanwhile, if you’ve gone through all the work to choose the right product development company, they’ll be hard at work building your web presence and advertisements for various media, getting ready for the next phase in this whole thing.

product developers follow a processThe fourth phase is ‘Execution’, meaning that you’ll be launching your product and executing all of your plans.  This is the day you’ve been waiting for so long, the day when your product or service goes live and the money (hopefully) begins to roll on in to the bank accounts.  Meanwhile, your product development company will be launching your web presence, putting up your website, and launching your marketing and advertising strategies, so that you can go out there and have your product sell and sell well.  However, an important point to note is that, at this point, there is still another step, and it’s too early to write off your product and its development.

At this point comes the last stage, something called evolution.  This means that, even though you’ve release a new product, your work isn’t done, and if you’ve released a product and allied yourself (after going through the work of hiring a product development company) with a good partner, you’ll find yourself well off when it comes to ensuring that not only will your product or service continue to evolve with the times, but your ability to reach the market and the people you’re hoping to sell to will evolve as well.

So, if you’re looking to expand your product line and develop new products, consider hiring an outside company to help.  It’ll be well worth the investment, in the long run.


What Product Development Agencies Can Do For You


When it comes to research and development, it’s obvious that big companies, large organizations that span an entire globe or at least a nation or two, they have a lot of advantages over your small company.  That’s not something to be ashamed of it, but it is something to be aware of, and if you’re going to run a business, you have to be honest about your limitations at all times.

One of the biggest limitations you have that they don’t is money.  You may be on a bit tighter of a budget, while they have seemingly endless resources (and dollars) to throw at a problem.  Another result of the more strapped budget you’re likely to have is that you’re not likely to have the marketing experience on hand that they do.  They’re going to be able to better develop their product, and its image, than you are, simply because they have the money to have a dedicated set of employees for doing just that, while you likely do not, though you may have a marketing guy or two on hand here or there.  This is where product development agencies come into play.

They’re basically the development mercenaries of the modern world, and, in this example, your business is an African country in need of some additional muscle to help fight a local terrorist or warlord group (wow, this became a really involved example quickly, eh?).  You have people at your disposal, and those people are great for doing the job of creating your product, or, per our metaphor, keeping peace in the city, but it’s a completely different fight when it comes to marketing (which I guess would be jungle warfare or something?  I’m not proud of this metaphor, it got completely out of hand with a swiftness I’ve not seen in quite some time).  For this new fight, you’re going to need some help.

the product development processSo, after selecting the right product development company, how are they going to help you better reach your goal of selling a lot of product and making a lot of money (which is the goal of every for-profit business, believe it or not)? The answer is simple; they’ll help, most noticeably, with marketing.

Anyone can bring a product to market, assuming they have sufficient money and resources at their disposal.  It isn’t an especially hard process (especially if you have money to blow on it), but it is time-consuming and can take a lot of work.  However, all that work means nothing if, when your product is available for purchase, no one buys it.   I realize this is hyperbolic, but taking a product and releasing it and having so few purchases that you don’t even make back the money you exhausted on research and development is a huge problem for any business.

So, how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?  Well, first off, as I’ve suggested already, you should hire a product development agency, so that you have some marketing experts on hand.  Then, in conjunction with those aforementioned experts, you need to come up with an image of the kind of people you want to be buying your product, or the kind of people who are most likely to buy it.  Once you’ve figured out your target market, you can move onto the next task that they’ll be giving you a lot of help with.

Advertising!  Getting the word to that target market that ‘hey, this thing exists (or will soon), and it’s just amazing, and I think you’d like it for this long list of reasons’.  However, not only do you need to point out that you’ve made a thing and that you think they’ll like it; you need to mention why it is you think they’ll like it, and most importantly, you need to provide them with good reason to give up their hard-earned money in exchange for whatever product it is you’ve brought to market.  If you can’t convince someone to spend their money on your product, you are pretty much out of luck in the long run.  However, the best case scenario is that you talk a few people into purchasing whatever you’ve made, they tell friends and write a positive review or three here and there, and it just moves outwards from there until you have an actual percentage of the market.

So, if you’re in need of some marketing muscle, don’t be ashamed of having to hire it from outside your company.  You’ll be glad you hired them as the money rolls in.

Tricks of Talented Website Designers


Understanding website design and development isn’t necessary in order to have a great company website, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. There are many experienced website design companies that can build your firm a website with minimal input from you. However that doesn’t alway provide the best results. In order to truly build a site that meets your business’ needs the design agency needs valuable input from you and other managers and employees.

It takes years to become an expert designer or developer, but only a minor time investment to understand some solid design principles. With a little bit of reading and research, you can learn enough to have a positive impact on your company website. What better time to start than now?

Let’s get started:

Design Strategies of Talented Pros

  • Build a responsive website. Any good web developer will express the importance of responsive design for your company’s website. Many people use mobile devices as their sole means of surfing the web and shopping online. If your site doesn’t display properly for them, they probably won’t be returning to your website any time soon. There are too many different devices and screen devices to plan for to build a different website for each, but a responsive site transitions between them flawlessly. You’ll never have to worry that a user isn’t getting the full experience on your website.
  • Design for first impressions. People will decide in less than 5 seconds whether or not your website is worth spending any time on. Encourage them to stick around by have clear and intuitive navigation. People don’t want to feel “lost” and unsure of what to do next. Present things in a clear manner that users will appreciate and understand.
  • Make good use of a call-to-action. A CTA is simply a website feature that encourages users to take action. In other words you want them to do something. It might be a buy it now button, a “play now” button for explanation videos, or some other feature that encourages action. Some of the best websites make excellent use of CTAs and have found great success through their implementation.
  • Create fantastic content and update it frequently. If things get stale on your website you’ll see a quick and dramatic decline in traffic. Internet users grow bored easily, and you must strive to keep their attention. Content is probably the most important feature on your website, since it’s what drives repeat traffic. Ultimately repeat traffic is what turns into conversions, generally one of the main goals of your website. Provide fantastic content to your users and your search ranking and conversion rate will thank you for it.
  • Great website design doesn’t mean much without visibility. Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is a crucial aspect to any website and digital marketing campaign. Many users start their buying process or internet experience on a search engine. Being among the first few results locally for your industry can drive traffic and sales greatly. Organic search results see better results than pay-per-click ads, and are generally seen as more trustworthy by users. Good designers and developers know that SEO is extremely important and plan accordingly.
  • Keep an eye on competitors. A skilled website design agency will monitor the competition of the company for whom they are building a website. They want to learn what keywords they focus on, what’s good about their approach, and where they have room to improve. This helps them balance their plan of attack and take advantage of weak areas for the competition. You never want to rest on your laurels thinking your site is “good enough.” Improvement is constant and staying ahead of the competition is key.
  • Keep things secure. You want to establish a trusting relationship between your company and its customers or clients. A security breach that compromises sensitive customer data can have an extreme adverse effect on that relationship. By taking measures like data encryption, virus protection, and password security you greatly reduce the risk of a successful attack. Security always needs to be in the forefront of your mind.
  • .Build a brand identity, but branding is more than just a logo. You design team needs to come up with a logo that accurately represents your company. An experienced digital marketing agency will have no problem coming up with an appropriate branding strategy for your company. Branding is what causes people to refer to all MP3 players as iPods, and when employed directly can drive sales and lead your company to success.

These tips, tricks, and guidelines are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to design and development. Select the right firm to handle your company’s website and digital marketing and will pay dividends quickly. A successful website can lead to an increase in profit and quick company growth.

Three Reasons Hiring Product Development Firms Is Advantageous


If you run a small business, you’ve likely heard the mantra that growth is the most important thing there is, in one form or another.  A small business doesn’t have the comfort of resting on prior designed products or product lines for a long period of time, because they don’t have as long a series of products to offer to people.  They don’t have the market share of, say, a national or international conglomerate that has products available in almost every conceivable industry and market, servicing every conceivable need.  In order to gain share, these small businesses need to regularly be engaged in the process of product development.

However, that process isn’t necessarily an easy one, least of all for a small company.  Large corporations, the kinds of people who have huge campuses in major cities for their workers to perform their various tasks at, they have huge budgets as well, and they have the money on hand that they can use to hire not only the people who are doing the technical research into the new product design, but also the marketing geniuses who are doing the development portions of the process.  Your small business will hopefully have the technical expertise you need, but will you have the marketing expertise?  Doubtful.

Because of this, you’ll need to hire someone to provide that marketing expertise to match your own technical expertise.  That someone is one of the many product development firms in your area, and they’ll be able to help you to figure out the marketing side of things.  Here’s just three ways they’ll be able to assist you.

1.  Helping You Develop A Marketing Strategy

You need to have a marketing strategy; marketing your product is something you’re going to be sinking a lot of time and money into, and it only makes sense that you should want to be sure that you’re going to be doing so in the most effective manner that you possibly can. What does this mean?

choose the right product development agencyWell, when you think about it, there are three hundred million people in the United States.  Outside of certain basic needs (food, drink, etc), we don’t agree on pretty much anything as far as purchase go.  You purchase one deodorant brand, I purchase another, the guys next door purchase another different set, the whole thing continues on, and you find little overlap.  The same is true of an immense portion of the things we sell, from video games to potato chips.  Most people don’t see anything except a brand, but it has to be a brand they can identify with in some way.

Not only that, but it has to be a product they see some need for.  If you can sell snow to people in the arctic, you’re an amazing salesman, because the reality is that most of them are going to swear at you for trying to charge them for what they have no need for.  This happens all the time when people try to market their product to the wrong people, the wrong segment of society.

2.  Advertising Your Product Effectively

So, now you know how to get the message about your product out there in an effective manner, but you don’t have that message, that advertisement.  How do you advertise your particular product?

The reality is that the best way to advertise, as any professional product development company will tell you, is to advertise specifically to the client you want.  Make sure the advertisements are placed somewhere they’re likely to be seen by your desired customer, and write the ad directed at whoever you’re trying to sell to.  This is something that a product development company is going to be well-equipped to help you with.

3.  Internet Presence

You need to have a website.  This isn’t up for debate, this is just a simple reality.  We’ve gotten to the point where, when you hear about a product from a friend, the first thing we do is Google the product and read the website to learn more about it, and you are basically left with the option of being the first result when your business and product are Googled, or having to leave that duty up to the reviews of random people on the internet whom you’ve never met.  The choice is yours, but I’ve been on the internet, and I would not want the denizens of it representing myself or my products.

So, consider all the ways that you can benefit from hiring a product development firm, and consider how silly it would be for you not to.  Then make the call, hire the development agency you need, and get the marketing assistance which will help better ensure your success.

Friendly Reminders from the Website Developer


professional web design companyLarge business with tons of revenue will likely hire an expert digital marketing firm to handle all of their online needs, from design and development, to SEO and other marketing campaigns. However, if you’re a small business owner, you’re options might be limited. You may be able to get help in one aspect of the web, but need to handle something else on your own. Fortunately for you, it’s 2015, and there are tons of options out there to help you out without breaking the bank. Many websites exist online today that will not only host your website, but they’ll walk you step by step through setting up a site the way you want it. This can be a cost-effective option for small businesses, and if done right can still give you a strong foothold in the online marketplace. If you’re going to handle the design in a fashion like this, it would be helpful to check out these reminders to consider during the process. 

1     Choose a great brand image and name for your company. A great thing to remember is the optimal length for your company’s name is 5 to 10 letters. This doesn’t mean it has to be this length, but statistically your chances of success increase if you do. You want the name to roll of the tongue and be easy to remember. Your logo is another part of your brand image that will require careful consideration. This is what people directly associate with your business, or at least they should. It may be beneficial to have a professional graphic designer work on this with you, it’s just one of those things that is often better when outsourced.

2     Don’t lose your focus on marketing. While you’re busying updating and overhauling your website, and then getting back to concentrating on your businesses, it can be easy to forget what a good marketing tool a website can be. Do everything you can to increase your ranking in search engines, including maintaining a relevant and frequently updated blog. Use your website to assist in other areas of marketing as well. Put daily or weekly specials online, run contests and games, all while driving more traffic to your site. The more use your site gets, the more it benefits you as a company.

3     Don’t get lost in color. The color wheel is a very delicate tool and it’s power is not to be taken lightly. This can be one of the most difficult area for business owners inexperienced in design creating their own website. To drab and boring and your site goes unnoticed, to bold, bright, and vibrant and your site gets noticed for the wrong reasons. Experienced website design companies will be the first to tell you how common mistakes are when it comes to color usage. Don’t become another color casualty.

4     Make sure your website is responsive. It can be disastrous to have a website that doesn’t function well on every type of media people use to surf the web. Imagine how frustrating it would be to only have access to a tablet, and not be able to get the same experience as you get from you desktop at your favorite website. Whatever service you decide to use to design your website should have the ability to make your website adaptable and responsive.

5    Emulate the best websites out there. Website design is all about using what works, and moving on from things that do not. There is no shame in taking a feature from a website that you like to use and emulate it, so long as you aren’t directly copying a copyrighted or unique idea. You mind find that love the way a certain sign has a never-ending scrolling theme instead of links for next page. Don’t be afraid to incorporate things like that into your design. There are many creative sites out there, so before you get started building yours, look around and see what you can find. You might be able to combine some of the features you see, or they may inspire you to create a completely fresh and new idea.

When it comes to web design, you really cannot be too thorough in your research and methods. If you are designing your own, you want to make extra sure that you’re prepared. Read everything you can about design and development, and take everything into consideration while undertaking the process. If you are diligent, careful, and focused, you will be able to design a site that is not only usable, but one that people actually want to visit. It will be just the beginning of your continued success in the world of internet business!

Ten Things Quality Responsive Web Developers Always Remember


It’s nice to have a reliable responsive website design company handle all of your online needs, but it’s not always practical. Maybe your company is just too small right to afford full service web design and management, and that’s quite alright. Just because you can’t hire the best and most expensive firms doesn’t mean you’ll be left out to dry. If you take it upon yourself to design and implement your website just research and make sure you do lots of planning. A good way to start will be reading this list of things that the best web developers always keep in mind:

1 - Use Color Strategically

It’s popular among amateur designers to use too much color. They link a loud colorful website will garner them attention. They may be correct, but it will be for the wrong reasons. You want people to feel at ease when browsing your site, not overwhelmed. The color of your site needs to fit well with the theme, and be more muted and in the background. Just don’t go too crazy and you should be fine.

2 - Typography

creative responsive website design calls for excellent use of typography. First, and most importantly, your visitors must be able to read every page on your site. Be sure to look for areas where the text might be obstructed by similar background colors. Furthermore, a good designer will be able to make the typography fit in with the overall theme of the website. People should know why a particular font was used without even realizing it. 

3 - The Art of Branding

No web developer worth his or her salt forgets about the importance of branding when it comes to design and development. Your website needs to accurately and efficiently represent you in the rapidly changing marketplace. Focus on having a logo that is created that is simple, refined, and easily recognized. That’s just the first step to developing a positive brand image.

4 - Make Content a Priority

A great website design includes a solid plan for managing and keeping up with new content. Users will be quick to abandon you in cyberspace if your website is constantly being updated with new, relevant information. If you want to be considered one of the best websites in your profession, content is the key. People will keep coming back for new information if it’s there, so be sure to keep up with it. Dead content leads to dead websites.

5 - Keep Up On Maintenance

This kind of goes hand in hand with content, but is on an even deeper layer. Sometimes, things happen that will cause certain features of your website to stop working. You need to set up some type of system that will monitor things for you, and notify you when there is an issue. It’s normal to have some hiccups on your website from time to time, but if they stick around for a long time you’re asking for trouble. Have a solid plan in place and be ready to act as soon as there is an issue with your website.

6 – Don’t Forget About Tablets and Mobile

Mobiles and tablets are quickly becoming the primary way that people access the web. If you’re site isn’t functioning properly on these devices, your business will suffer. People may give up on your site if they can’t get there from an iPhone or iPad, they might even assume the site is down completely. It’s just so common to be able to reach sites on these different devices. Make sure your customers can reach you from anywhere.

7 - Hire a Professional Photographer

I cannot stress enough how important this could be to the success of your website. Picture two sites, one has great, original images showing the company in action, the other has stale, oft seen stock images. Which one do you think will look better? Of course the one with original photography. You need to know where you should spend money to improve your site, and photography is definitely one area.

8 - Also Hire a Graphic Designer

You read that correctly, I’m once again advising you to spend money. But it’s definitely worth it in the end. We spoke about how important brand image and identity is, so don’t skimp. Consult with a graphic designer and see if they are willing to show you some examples of possible logos. The price to have a simple logo designed is actually pretty reasonable, so don’t fret.

9 - Keep it secure

An easy way to lose customers and clients is to have an unsafe website that they don’t feel comfortable browsing. Step your security game and keep them, and yourself, safe. Research what you need to do to make sure data transmissions are your sight are safe and secure.

10 – Don’t forget to test

Last but not least, you’re going to need to test your website and make sure it’s functioning properly. You can’t be too careful, as you don’t want to launch an incomplete website. That just looks unprofessional.

If you’ve decided to build your own website, it will be a challenging road. However, with patience and a great attitude, you’ll be able to get it accomplished.


Benefits of Quality Website Design


In the present age of technology, it is a necessity to have a cutting edge website for your clients or customers to visit. Your website design functions very much like a first impression, and you know how important those are. Having a talented, responsive web developer on your team will be a benefit to your business in a multitude of ways. Of course you will still want to familiarize yourself with what a quality website looks like, so you know you are working with a quality website development team. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind while having your site designed:

1.     Keep It Simple:

You want your site to be clean and free of clutter. A site filled with banner ads, flashing icons and buttons, and other excess will be an instant turn off to your visitors. The layout out the site should be clear and concise. When someone visits, they should be able to tell exactly why they are there. The more direct and to the point the site is, the more likely it will see a lot a traffic and use, including repeat visitors. The site must not overwhelm people with unnecessary features. Keeping your home page simple, direct, and clutter free is the beginning to a well-functioning site.

2.    Versatility:

By a ‘versatile’ website, I don’t mean one that necessarily serves a huge range of purposes. Rather, I am referring to a site that is easily adjusted, tweaked, and changed to fit with current needs. In other words, your site needs to be able to respond to the needs and desires of your users. The means employing a web designer who is going to be monitoring, updating, and providing suggestions to you on a regular basis. It requires a skilled designer to strike the perfect balance between use, function, and responsiveness.

3.     Mobile Friendly:

More than half of cell phone users regularly access the web with the phones. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, that’s a whole lot of traffic that you could be missing out on. This sort of goes hand-in-hand with versatility. The more people you can offer the opportunity to come to your site, the better chance you will have for success. Any talented web development professional will be able to set your site up so that both traditional and mobile users can browse with ease.

4.     Ease of Use:

Everybody has heard the term “user-friendly”, and most people know what it’s like to visit a website that is not. The last thing you want visitors to your site is to feel overwhelmed or lost. Often times, is someone visits and site and doesn’t intuitively know where to go to experience the website, they will just move on. It can be tough to decide how to approach an issue like this. However, if you hire expert web developers to set up your site, they will be able to give it a flow and appeal that people will immediately notice.

5.     Balance of Information

When designing your site, it’s important to get the right balance of information. You don’t want to overload visitors with so much that they feel bombarded, but you don’t want to have so little information that people do not even understand why the site is there. We’ve all been to a website where there isn’t much to do but click on links to nowhere. It may be a good idea to have a short video bio of your company and what you do on the homepage. Just remember to keep it short and sweet, too long and you won’t hold a captive audience.

6.    Blogging

website designOne of the keys to being a successful business owner is reaching out to your customers and clients on a regular basis. One of the best and easiest way to do this is through a regularly updated blog. Not only will it ensure that customers feel connected to you, it will also be a fantastic asset with regards to search engine optimization. A marketing firm with a talented writing team for blogging should be on your short list of companies to choose from. Having blog content on your website that relates to your product or services, the opportunity for increased traffic through web searches raises substantially.

When it comes to website design, there are many things that you must be vigilant about. The preceding suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. It would definitely be beneficial to you and your company to spend a lot of time on research before you start design, or even decide on a company to hire. With the right team in your corner, and the right knowledge on your part, your website can be a success.




How to Get Good Web Design


While reading books and articles about website design will be generally helpful for you to understand what makes up a good website (so when you are talking to a website developer, you can easily understand what he or she is suggesting and advising you to do), it’s really nothing in comparison to getting right on it. It’s more than just choosing colors for the look of it and making sure all of the codes that are placed into the website are working – you also need to concern yourself with search engine optimization, which the name of a process where search engines are deciding that your website is important enough to be featured in search results due to the amount of readership you get. The more visitors hitting your website, the more important your website is according to Google and Bing, and therefore you get even more users hitting your website. Since this is the end goal for your website, since more hits means you get more business flowing your way, you need to make sure that your website looks good, works correctly and is constantly updated. Read on for more tips and tricks that apply to these design

We all have an appearance, and the appearance that we choose to work with and portray says a lot about ourselves and our personal values. Having an online presence is the same exact thing, where the design and look of your website will say a lot about who you are and what your values are. This means that your website needs to look pretty darn good in order to make a proper impression upon visitors. Take a look at other websites, and find ones that you admire for ideas for your own website. Take some notes regarding the use of color on those websites, and the way they organize their information through their links. This will give you several ideas on how to create your own website, but the general principles are the same with every good website – always keep it simple and keep it easy. Keep your layout intuitive and make sure your users always know where they are going. Make your links obvious that they are links. Keep colors at a minimum even though you should use them thematically. Don’t use colors that clash, and don’t use neon colors or bright colors, especially if you were thinking of putting them behind text. Keep your text readable and easily understandable. Don’t use crazy colors on text. Keep it in the black and white scheme. Do not put photos behind text. It may seem like they are strict rules, but there is a lot of room for creativity in actuality, so you should talk to your web designer about how to go about using that creativity that you are hoping to incorporate into your website.

You will want to make your website easy to deal with and navigate through. A brand is helpful for any business or online presence, kind of like a logo that represents your services. Your logo is what users will remember and recommend to others by. It’s a good idea for navigational purposes to make your logo into a link to the homepage of your website. Users will know this way that they always have a place to go back to in case they get lost in your site. Therefore, you will want your logo on every page of your website, which will also let your users know that they are still on the same place every time they go to a different website.

Furthermore, you need to consider responsive website design, which means that you make your website adaptable to mobile users. Most of the design principles stay the same, except that there is a change in emphasis to a top to bottom trajectory for mobile users, as they will have to scroll down to find the information they are looking for. You will need to manage links differently as well, so look through mobile versions of those previous websites and take notes on them, as well. You should also pay attention to websites that lack responsive web design, so you can see for yourself just how frustrating it is to navigate a desktop website on your small smartphone.

You also should consider creating a blog and using it to utilize content marketing, of which you can employ the help of a digital marketing agency. It’s a better way to advertise, since it helps you become connected with potential users through the blogs on a personal level.

Web Developers Help Businesses Be Successful


The digital age is an interesting and fast-moving time to be living and making a living. The internet has changed all of our lives and opened up business opportunities and ways to reach people who did not exist before. It has stimulated the economy in many ways and created entirely new industries in the process. Today, what is now considered a digital marketing agency is what used to be called an ad agency. The difference is the internet and the fact that newspapers, magazines, billboards and bus ads are no longer an effective use of advertising dollars in an effort to create exposure for your business.

If you had spent an awful amount of money on a billboard advertisement for your business and could somehow literally direct traffic to the road that it was located beside, you would probably do it. Well, on the information superhighway internet users are traveling fast and need direction in order to arrive in your parking lot so they can stop and come inside to see what you have to offer. Effective web design knows how to accomplish this by first of all, designing a website that is capable of being seen by search engines that look to display relevant content that their search customers are looking for.

Some people think that a website is just a website but they are wrong. A website is a great opportunity to show a customer who you are, what you do and how they can contact you. It should not be complicated or treated as a way to blow someone’s mind, because it is not the website that is going to set you apart from your competition; it is you that is going to separate your company from the competition. You just need help with facilitating the interaction between you and your prospective customers so you can convert them into a believer in what you and your company is capable of doing for them.

Your website should be designed with the lowest common denominator in mind. That means that people who may not be the most savvy internet users should be able to find your website and navigate it without feeling like they are trying to decipher some complex computer code. Your website should have a homepage that has a clean and organized feel that is relaxing on the eyes. Any complexity or vivid colors should be avoided because anything that makes someone furrow their brow is usually a bad thing brought on by some kind of distress. So, web developers should think about their grandparents when designing websites.

Another thing that a web developer should think about when they are designing your website is that people will often be looking at it from a mobile device, like their smart phone or tablet. This changes the design game a little bit because when a website is designed with smaller screens in mind it changes the layout a little bit. The point is that a website should be conducive for viewing on a screen the size of a big TV or one that fits in the palm of your hand. All of these things are relevant to a web designer who is good at what they do.

A website designer may recommend that you write and maintain a blog on your website. They will need to know if you are up for this because if there is going to be a blog on your website, it has to be designed accordingly. A blog is a great way for you to engage your customers routinely with interesting and relevant information about your company and the industry that you work in. A well-maintained blog can increase your website’s visibility to search engines and give your customers the impression that you are involved, especially if you write the blogs yourself. A web designer may also have enough information about your industry to write good blog content as well.

The reasons to have a web developer in your corner increase everyday and it becomes more important based on the increasing amount of competition that your business has to deal with. Climbing up the search engine ranks initially is a tough task but with the right web developer, they can help maintain your position as the king of the hill so you can continue to be as successful as possible. Some businesses want to grow and others just want to sustain. Regardless though, it is important for any business these days to work with a web design partner who can help them with their online success.


Web Developers Employ Specialists


In today’s business climate a company needs to have a strong internet presence in order to sustain themselves and grow. Much like it was formerly imperative for a business to pay to be listed in the white and yellow pages, they now have to fork over some cash in order to have a website built so traffic can be driven to it. It all starts with a website because it serves as the foundation for everything else that occurs with regard to a company receiving online exposure. A digital marketing agency that knows what they are doing is who can establish that foundation on which to build the rest upon.

It can be difficult for someone who is not a web designer to build a page themselves that is fully functional and effective. Plus, anyone who runs a business should already have their hands full with other duties that need to be taken care of in order for it to run the way that it should. This is a highly specialized world and it is becoming even more so as time goes on and as it pertains to the internet, this is most definitely true. A web development company employs people with many different talents and backgrounds in order to perform good work on behalf of their clients.

Graphic designers create logos and images that a company needs to help get their message out. A company needs a logo in order to create an association based on an image or a symbol so important connections between a person’s mind and the business can be made without the need for words. Many graphic designers also build web pages, so the images and logos they create can be used in the construction of a client’s webpage. Without graphic designers there would be a lot of lame-looking web pages and many ineffective logos in every industry for a lot of different businesses.

Marketing and advertising minds are also employed by web developers so they can apply their expertise in this field to the internet. The advertising and marketing industry had to change as much or more than any existing industry did after the advent of the internet because an entire world of exposure opened up when it became available to the public. Many tried and true advertising and marketing principles are still relevant today with regard to how to effectively impact the human psyche by knowing design and color techniques that work.

Writers are needed to not only create the content for a company’s website but also blog posts that help a webpage increase its internet rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of taking advantage of the ways that search engine algorithms work in order to make a company more visible on the internet. So, writers need to understand what a company does in order for a website to contain verbiage that properly explains what it is that they do and can accomplish for their prospective clients. Also, frequent blog posts should be published on the website about the industry or their company specifically in order to help with search rankings.

Part of what search engines do is index information and links contained within a webpage for future searches. The more often that content is published on a page containing relevant links and information, the more important it sees the page as being and the better the page will perform in terms of how easy it is to search for and locate. Blog posts are more effective in this process than anything else so when applicable, a web page should certainly be designed with a blog section that is frequently updated with information that website viewers will find helpful and informative.

Web designers do a lot of things but in many cases they provide a specific specialty within the group that is a crucial piece in the web development machine. Like any organization, effective management is needed in order to make sure the company’s overall objectives are receiving the focus they deserve and they are providing their clients with the valuable services that they pay for. As time goes on, this business will become even more specialized than it already is and will require that more people focus increasingly on a specific aspect of the business. Now, it is possible for a web developer to possess a good understanding of several or more aspects of the business and be able to deliver quality services to their clients, but this may not be the case for long.





A Web Design Company Who Understands Your Business


No one starts their own business with the idea in mind that they are going to fail. Hopefully you know that it is going to take a lot of hard work, dedication and a willingness to adapt because the world is changing and the learning curve never ends. Starting with a few customers is great but you are obviously going to have to expand your customer base in order to not just sustain your business but to grow it. You need to know your business well enough to feel confident that you can succeed and you have to be confident in the partners that you depend on to help deliver your message. The internet is a wonderful way with which to do this and the sooner you decide that you need an experienced web design company to help you do that, the better off you and your business are going to be.

It is probably safe to assume that you have a website for your business or you know the importance having one built. It is important to understand though, that although people do not use phone books anymore, they use the internet for informational purposes like a phone book so they can find basic information about what or who they are searching for. The web design format for the majority of informational websites for companies in many different industries is very similar and that is because this way has proven to be effective. No one wants to feel like they are wandering through your website; you want them to get the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. It is very common to see these websites with four or five headers at the very top of the webpage that categorize and simplify what the webpage visitor is looking for. About, Products, Services, Contact Us and Location are all pretty typical headers on an informational website.

The ‘About’ section of your website give a brief description about what your company does, how they do it and who is doing it. A where, what, how, why and who approach is often a good one to take when providing your web visitors with the information they need to understand if they have come to the right place. It is easy to provide too much information so it is important to remind yourself that the grand majority of people using the internet to find you are using it like they would a phone book. That means that they do not respond well to being presented with more information than they need when all they are really looking for is an assurance that you are capable of helping them. Web developers who understand that this is a unique opportunity to reel your potential customers in will be able to most effectively and efficiently make that happen and they will do it by keeping in mind that they need to keep things simple.

Keeping it simple encompasses ever part of your website, but some sections require more detailed information than others. If your business provides tangible products your prospective customers are probably going to want as much visual information about them as possible. So, images of those products combined with a 360 view functionality and a zoom feature can be very beneficial to have. Pictures combined with detailed product descriptions often make for a very effective combination that can help answer many of your customers questions so they do not have to call or email you to ask them. The services you offer may just be a portion of your business or they could be your entire business because you do not offer products of any kind. In this case, having your web development agency include images of services that are impossible to depict (unlike a product) instead may just want to provide a detailed description of their services can provide their customers in terms of saving them time, money or headaches. Depictions of certain human emotions being conveyed alongside these descriptions can be an effective combination and bring a human element to your site.

Your business’s location may be of the utmost importance or it could be completely irrelevant but in most cases at the very least, your web designer will design your webpage using a ‘Location’ header. Whether there is just a physical address listed or a map image with a link to Google Maps so they can get directions, what is necessary and makes logical sense it what determines the decision to include additional functionality or not. The ‘Contact Us’ page is self-explanatory and if nothing else should include a phone number and an email address.